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Eagle Angel Ceramic Sculpture

Eagle Angel Ceramic Sculpture

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This ceramic sculpture was made using multiple vintage molds- clay slip was poured into each one, the pieces cut and pasted to make this one of a kind work. Heart shaped hole cut into chest is filled with clear rubber, a vintage glass doll eye held in place. The eagle head is metal leafed, underglaze colors brushed into textures and wiped off. The rest of the object is raw clay; matte and smooth. Base of piece has an eye shaped hole cut into it; whole thing is hollow and small string lights can be used to illuminate this sculpture, making it a perfect centerpiece. Measures 6 1/4" with a 4" long footprint.


clay, glaze, vintage overglaze decals, pearl luster

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4 1/2" tall 2 1/2" opening 14 oz

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